We provide Mortgage Financing Appraisals, Condemnation Appraisals, Quitclaim Appraisals, Urban Renewal, Auction Appraisals and or Tax Certiorari Appraisals for numerous Banks, Financial Institutions and Governmental Agencies. We have performed appraisals for mortgage financing purposes, divorce appraisals, appraisals encompassing full takings, appraisals for partial taking (Before and After Appraisals) and appraisals for sale to abutting owners (quitclaim involving contributory value analysis) of government owned surplus land.

David W. Berger has extensive experience appraising very unique buildings, including the Calspan Technology Park, which has a wind tunnel where Space Shuttles and Lear Jets have been tested and the HSBC building in Buffalo, New York, the tallest building between Cleveland and Albany comprised of approximately 1,200,000 square feet.

At one time (many years ago) Benjamin J. Berger, MAI, SRA was employed by the City of New York and worked in a highway program in conjunction with The State of New York DOT heading up the Appraisal and Appraisal Review Section. At that time he was a Senior Real Estate Appraiser for the City. We perform detailed discounted cash flow analyses of large multi-tenanted buildings. From all of our work experience and our previous educational experience we, the partners, possess the tools and knowledge to provide a full and comprehensive appraisal report.
Yankee Stadium
Calspan Technology Park
IBM Fishkill semiconductor plant
Cohalan Courthouse Complex
Smithaven Mall
Walt Whitman Mall
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Montauk Lake Club
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